Jonathan Dick

By romariodhaliwal April 9, 2024

I have now done what feels like every mainstream nutrition course under the sun – Precision Nutrition 1, followed by Precision Nutrition 2 (both of which were provided by my work). I also completed the IOPN Diploma and have now just finished MNU.

Of all the courses I have done, I can definitively say MNU has been the standout course for me. Not only due to the sheer density of the content and quality of its presentation, but also because of the level of growth I have experienced not only as a practitioner, but on a human level as well.

Throughout this past year, I have been questioned and had every single one of my biases put under the microscope. Every single previous decision, whether for a client or myself, was put on a plate in front of me to examine and dissect. Whether I was proved right or wrong, every single time I have felt like I was moving “closer to enlightenment”.

From the lectures to the residentials, MNU has given me the kind of knowledge and skills I have been seeking for some time.

Not only do I feel more equipped than ever to go out on my own, but I also feel more confident to call myself a nutritionist because I feel the last 12 months with the MNU team and my classmates have helped me fill the gaping holes that were present in my own nutrition, relationship with food/training/others. For this, I am extremely grateful.

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