Josh Newbury

By chloeanderson June 1, 2021

For actually being a practitioner and working with people, I would rate MNU far ahead of my degree.

I left university with knowledge, but no idea how to apply that to the person in front of me… or even how to get a person in front of me in the first place.

What MNU taught me was that I needed to expose myself (not literally).

I would never have put myself out there if the MNU community weren’t also sharing their experiences and showing that we’re all in the same place.

What amazed me the most though, was that every lecture provided a lightbulb moment. There were some lectures that I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable with but the MNU team were able to provide a tangent from past experiences that really put things into perspective. This has broadened my own knowledge and has led to me being able to work with more people. Every lecture was entertaining and taught me something new. The information was delivered brilliantly, even research methods.

At the start of the course, my goal was to work in elite sport. I am now on the right path AND have practical experience with other populations.