Karla Visagie

By jessbryant November 30, 2022

MNU has always been on my bucket list for continued learning and I’m absolutely thrilled to say that it does live up to the hype.

The lectures were so exceptional that I worked through everything twice and the student support was helpful and accommodating.

I’ve gained a deeper appreciation and gratitude for my work and have developed new passions for working with the elderly, pregnant women, and endurance athletes.

Sarah has somehow managed to instil in me a love for both hydration and elderly nutrition, neither of which are areas I would ever have expected to be excited by.

I have come away with so many creative ideas for my business to attract the right clients.

MNU has even inspired me to help those that cannot afford to work with me one-on-one through free education on social media.

The course has given me a much more well-rounded confidence in nutrition for health in a broad spectrum of individuals.

I would highly encourage anyone in the field to do this certification!

Instagram: @Kaizen_Wellness