Katerina Chroma

By jozefsharp April 9, 2024

I’ve researched nutrition courses for years, I have even considered & have been accepted to do a uni course.

MNU has always remained at the back of my mind as the best evidence-based course in the UK & I’ve always had it on my list. This year I finally went for it as I thought “If not now then never” and I have not had a single regret.

The course content is challenging enough for someone who is already in the fitness industry but easy enough to comprehend.

The materials are amazing, the Mentoring Lab is a chest of nutrition treasures, & the course is simply the best there is.

Although I haven’t graduated yet & have taken an extension, the support of the team has been amazing & I’ve also made some friendships that now go beyond just studying together. I also think MNU being recognised as a Level 5 Diploma is a testament to how evidence-based and detailed the course is & how much the team cares about everyone’s experience.

I can’t wait to continue learning & once I do graduate I will use my MN.Nutr title proudly.

Thank you Martin and the team for creating something spectacular.

Instagram: @BeyondMovementCoaching