Kelley Ivan

By sophielester December 14, 2021

I have loved MNU, the lectures were great and comprehensive, and I learnt so much.

It was reassuring to know that if I emailed in for some help, I would always get a timely answer. Nothing has been too much trouble.

The Student Support Group was excellent at connecting me with my peers and sharing questions that I hadn’t thought of yet. It helped so much and made me feel part of a community.

When I completed my degree I didn’t receive this type of support. The lectures in my degree weren’t recorded nor could we re-watch them to make sure we totally understood them. You could easily miss so much information.

The MNU format has really allowed me to learn at my own pace, not just memorise to pass the exams, but to really understand what I am learning. 

I really enjoyed all the lectures – so many were amazing bombshells to my knowledge and very applicable to working in the field. I now feel very confident in being able to help my clients achieve their goals.

I am really looking forward to helping to change lives.

Thank you MNU I have honestly loved it all.

Instagram: @Nourish_Health_Fitness