Laura Hilton

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

The level of student support on MNU was incredible, the presentation of the course was exceptional, the content was extremely high quality, but it also felt personal too.

The information was made relevant to our day-to-day practice and the way in which we were equipped with the skills relevant to be the best practitioners we can be, was brilliant.

All of my clients have achieved really good results since I have been implementing all that I have learnt on MNU, as I now feel 100% confident in the methods that I use and have many more to draw on.

They probably now receive a better level of education as I am better at and more confident in the way that I explain nutritional concepts to them.

From start to finish this was an amazing course. Being made to feel confident in working in this field, being able to share and expand my passion for all things nutrition and having regular contact with the brilliant MNU team and my peers. It has been absolutely brilliant!