Liesl Damstra

By lucywilliams February 5, 2021

MNU is absolutely light-years apart from any of the other courses I’ve done.

So many “real-life” scenarios and practical information that will actually make me a better practitioner in real life but always with the option of delving deeper into stuff if you want to “geek out”. Not to mention all the mentors and staff, who are really kind and helpful without making you feel silly or stupid.

It has completely changed what I knew about nutrition, but most importantly it has changed the way I am able to help people.

Having so many more tools in the toolbox and understanding when to use each one has been a transformation. I started out thinking I would just learn more about what I was currently doing in a competition prep kind of way and maybe ways to get people to understand that they just have to “follow a plan” (cringe). Well……of course this was sooooo much more and safe to say my mind was blown more than a few times!!

It really was an awesome experience and I had the absolute best time! I am very grateful and have the highest respect for everyone at MNU.

These guys are doing and continue to do an amazing job in an industry that is so overrun with “bad” and biased information and I just absolutely love the integrity with which everything is brought across along with Martin’s humour! I look forward to many more years of learning!