Louise Baily

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

There is no comparison to Mac-Nutrition Uni. It is streets ahead.

The course helps a person grow with confidence in all areas, not just knowledge.

MNU provides an amazing amount of information that not only educates but changes perceptions and shows someone how to critically evaluate information in an unbiased way.

The support and professionalism from the entire MNU team is unbelievable; you are made to feel like an individual and not just a number or just another student. That is very rare.

I thought I would only be able to support clients once my year [of studying] had finished, so I am unbelievably pleased to have the confidence to take on clients much sooner.

From having absolutely no knowledge in this area at all, I am now helping people to become healthier and happier and achieving goals way past their expectations.

This is all being done through the knowledge gained from MNU.