Louiselle Leano

By tobygraham December 14, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni outdid my expectations and taught me a tremendous amount of valuable nutrition material in comparison to a lot of nutrition courses I have taken.

In my undergrad, I had taken nutrition modules spanning from food systems to biochemistry. MNU has done a fantastic job of taking only the relevant material and succinctly teaching it to its students.

There is a tonne of support coming from the MNU staff and they accommodate and mentor their students efficiently. The content taught at MNU has been very applicable in everyday situations and the learning is ongoing in the Mentoring Lab.

MNU has been very fulfilling, it is the last certification any nutrition practitioner would ever need.

Personal highlights for me include: meeting like-minded, friendly students/graduates through the Student group and Mentoring Lab, learning in-depth about CVD and saturated fats, the check-in weeks, being excited every week to learn something new (things I wasn’t taught in my degree), working on the core skills and MNU helping me put myself out there.

It is truly an amazing community and I really am in awe of how MNU is changing the nutrition landscape. It has been such an incredible experience for me!