Luke Southwell

By tobygraham September 16, 2021

MNU was my first fitness-related course and I have been blown away by the team’s level of knowledge and how it’s been converted into such easy-to-follow lectures and modules.

Having spent 12 years working in finance I was looking at a change of career.

I was excited to be a part of MNU but was concerned that it may have been too advanced for my novice level, however, the weekly structure of the lectures and how they’re broken down into the different modules worked perfectly. The continued Student Group support from others on the course and the answers received from the MNU team were fantastic.

Being part of the Mentoring Lab and interacting with those already certified so I could learn from their experiences was invaluable.

A personal highlight of mine was the guest lectures; all content across the course was fantastic, but these felt above and beyond compared to what I’d expect from another nutrition course.

I have been able to leave a job and country that was damaging to my mental health to get back in a happier place and look with confidence to the future, rather than dread, Thanks to MNU.