Mackenzie Baker

By tiabeard August 22, 2022

Well, considering most PT’s do a 2-day seminar and call themselves nutrition ‘performance’ coaches. MNU obviously blows that out of the water.

I have done different nutrition courses as well as a university degree and the other nutrition courses I did are not even comparable to MNU. They are essentially a show-up and pass.

There is a lot of guru info in some other nutrition courses that can be laughed at, from an evidence-based standpoint.

I have had several clients lose decent amounts of weight. 2 male clients losing 20kg’s and several losing 10+kg.

One client who really struggled with adherence due to huge amounts of life stress and commitment, was able to obtain sub 100kg body weight, despite all his ‘road blocks’ using what I learned on MNU including low-hanging fruit and really focusing on habitual recommendations that could be adhered to.

I also promoted an online diet challenge on Instagram hoping for 10 sign-ups. Ended up getting 65 people signing up! I have a massive Facebook group that is really active, and MNU has given me a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ to chase.