Mairead Courtney

By tiabeard January 12, 2023

I came to this course from a science background and I found the level of information given both accessible and incredibly interesting.

The layout of each lecture is both logical and impactful. Firstly presenting the relevant, scientifically-backed research, followed by how this impacts the nutritional recommendations you make. 

I also especially appreciate when there isn’t evidence for something that appears to “work”, it is highlighted as an area to pay attention to and to look for further research in. This fosters a lifelong learning ethos.

The course is very comprehensive in the preparation of nutrition professionals. The tutors are regularly reminding you that this is just the start of your career, and to be a good and effective practitioner you must be willing to continuously learn, and potentially change your ideas.

The additional resource of the Mentoring Lab is also fantastic. While I have barely skimmed the top of what it offers, it is obvious that it has fantastic further nutrition lectures from experts as well as lots of business resources.