Mark Airey

By tiabeard January 12, 2023

Wow, what a fantastic learning experience the past year has been. Goodbye imposter syndrome, hello new confident me.

I have done quite a few nutrition courses over the past 30+ years and can honestly say that MNU makes them pale into insignificance in its light of brilliance.

With previous courses, I have always been left feeling that I could have learned more, but this is definitely not the case with MNU.

MNU caters to every level. You can either just engage in the normal course content (which is excellently presented) or take the opportunity to “deep dive” into any specific areas that interest you – there is no pressure at all. The way that the course is set up and delivered is incredible, it flows brilliantly throughout and I genuinely looked forward to every lecture.

Any questions you have are answered promptly by the MNU team, or you can use the Mentoring Lab, which can only be described as outstanding.

The course has made me challenge my own biases as well as others in many aspects of my life – especially at work. Having the confidence to do this has made for a better workplace and, I believe, a better outcome for the patients we serve.

Mac-Nutrition Uni is by far the best course I have ever done and I honestly can’t speak highly enough about it. The whole course resounds with the MNU core principles of Wisdom, Confidence and Integrity.