Mark Howley

By katiemayoh July 15, 2021

Every part of the MNU course is of the highest quality.

The level of student support is second to none, I was rarely left with any questions or confused about anything involved in the course because everything is very well thought out and clearly explained. The few times I did have questions, they were answered quickly and the staff were so helpful.

In terms of applicability to career or business, I feel much more prepared in pursuing a career in this industry now.

I previously completed an undergraduate degree at university, but it’s only after completing this course that I feel confident in having a successful career and have a clear idea of how to go about achieving it.

I loved how practical everything was for the ‘real world’ and how I could see clearly how I could apply everything to working in nutrition.

In my undergrad, nearly everything was research focused which made it very difficult to apply things in a practical setting, but I feel that MNU bridges this gap very well. Getting insights into how staff have dealt with certain situations with various clients/settings was also a highlight.

Overall MNU is an excellent course that I would highly recommend to anyone!