Melissa Lumsden

By tobygraham September 16, 2021

MNU is the most enjoyable course I have ever done. The course layout, content and delivery are extremely professional without being too formal.

Martin and the team are friendly, encouraging and incredibly informative throughout. Even the most complex subjects are explained really well and broken down to make the information easier to understand.

I set up an online coaching business last autumn and found the Module 4 content a fantastic resource to point me in the right direction.

I have already become so much more confident as a coach within my personal training and online coaching business, all thanks to MNU. It has helped to cement knowledge I already knew from previous courses by explaining it in so much more detail.

More importantly, it has also helped to debunk some beliefs that I used to have and has encouraged me to be more evidence-based. The importance of critical thinking is another valuable idea that I have learnt, which has also helped me become aware of any previous bias that I had without realising.

I loved MNU and I am so sad it is over. It was a truly tremendous experience from start to finish and I will recommend this course to anyone serious about learning more about nutrition!