Mennah Ibrahim

By tobygraham October 7, 2021

The course content, assignments and quizzes were strategically planned, ensuring skills and practice beyond the actual theory.

The only nutrition course I did prior to MNU was a performance nutrition course, MNU was way more comprehensive and precisely what I had signed up for.

Student support was always timely and invaluable. The Mentoring Lab is a priceless resource both throughout the course and moving forward. Even though I am a career changer, after MNU I’m confident that my knowledge is now way above even more experienced practitioners out there.

My definition of health has been forever changed, making me want to help as many people as possible with the knowledge I have learnt. Sarah is a PHENOMENAL educator.

I started MNU with a severe eating disorder that I didn’t even know I had due to years and years of restriction and a very myopic understanding of health in general. This is no longer the case after all I have learnt! There’s absolutely nothing I would change. This course is more than I had signed up for.