Michal Palus

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

MNU is designed purely to help students to learn from qualified tutors about nutrition and how the human body works in relation to this topic. The course is very honest, backed up with science and supportive from the team. I like how well it is designed because even if you don’t have any knowledge in nutrition, you will understand everything and will leave with ton of knowledge. No one is trying to sell you their supplement brand and promote new voodoo magic. This course is built on honesty with a purpose to educate as many people as possible.

I especially liked learning about behaviour change, psychology and tactics to use with clients. In my opinion, this is hardest part for everyone when they decide to change something. MNU makes you think about how to increase clients’ compliance and consistency. From my experience, if you manage these two, everything else will be easy. My biggest success story is how I changed my approach to my clients and to my business. I am educating my clients more because now I have better knowledge and understanding, which means I am getting better results with my clients.

Because we live in era where everyone can create and share anything on social media platforms, there are ton of information/individuals who are honest and want to genuinely help people but as well, lots of them are just profit seeking people. That’s why if more people can do courses like MNU, more and more healthier, happier people will surround us.