Micheal Penston

By sophielester December 14, 2021

Not only was I provided with theory on MNU, but also real-life applications and thought-provoking questions that challenged my previous biases to improve my all-round practice.

It also allowed me to start thinking for myself more around research, the evidence, and not just taking engrained beliefs in the industry as standard.

MNU has given me much more confidence in my understanding and equipped me to go away and find answers in a better and reliable way.

The MNU community gave me the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals across a variety of industries.

MNU has 100% improved my communication skills with motivational interviewing to get the salient details from the top. This has translated into how confident and aligned my clients and myself are when embarking on a “journey” together.

The ability to educate and empower clients has spilled over into further referrals for new clients.