Michelle Parsons

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

MNU was fantastic! The content was great, the detail and applicability of the information was second to none.

The lecturers were so knowledgeable and really helped to make the content interesting, fun and understandable.

I really enjoyed the performance and team sports lecture which is an area I really didn’t think I had much interest in working in. Now with the extra knowledge and confidence, I look forward to exploring these and many other areas of nutrition.

Since MNU, I have been able to help a client with PCOS and she now feels she has a really good understanding of the reasons why she has struggled in the past. She is 12kg down and it’s really nice to know that I have been able to help her after 30 years of fighting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the year, I am already feeling a little lost and will miss the lectures and Martins jokes & him flexing on stage 🙂 Thank you for everything. Epic course, I would recommend without a shadow of a doubt.