Michelle Scerri

By jozefsharp April 9, 2024

Having just completed my course with MNU, I can hands down confirm that this has been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

MNU had come well recommended from acquaintances & friends so I guess I had some expectations about how good the course would be. What I didn’t expect was the communication & level of support that I received throughout my entire experience with MNU.

A diagnosis of ADHD early in the course had me a little concerned about my ability to stay on track throughout the year & how well I’d focus & retain the information to complete the required work & final exams. My concerns were alleviated when MNU encouraged me to seek any additional support that I might need & were clear about the opportunity to seek an extension if I needed it. Knowing that MNU were there in the background should I need extra support played a critical role in my studies.

I enjoyed the content so much that I could scarcely wait for the weekly modules to get uploaded so I could begin my study week.

The course content, facilitators, & lectures were highly entertaining, interesting, & well thought out.

The course calendar was well communicated from the very beginning & we were encouraged to plan out our year to stay on top of our studies.

As the end of our year approached & exams got closer, Martin & his team did a great job of alleviating the fear that many of us had with the perfect blend of practice exams & study guides along with plenty of useful study tips to help us through. I took all of them on board and it helped immensely.

MNU is a standout course.

Successfully completing my MNU Nutrition Certification has given me the confidence to run a business that truly helps people move their health needle in the correct direction, ultimately changing the course of their lives for the better.

I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.

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