Neil Jones

By Francesca July 26, 2021

Before I started MNU I had high hopes but the level of relevant detail in the lectures and support literature blew me away.

Everything is relative to my needs as a coach and future practitioner, with no filler content or waffle.

The presentation of the lectures was compelling, fun, informative & not once was I bored or disinterested.

Anytime I needed support from the staff, I got a response very quickly and there was always a relevant answer.

The Student group was an excellent resource, it was good to know I wasn’t alone and that there was a group of like-minded people to support each other.

Before signing up for MNU, I was always looking for ways to develop myself as a coach, but I hadn’t considered specific nutrition courses.

I saw a video where Martin was talking about MNU and I was in. Enthusiastic, genuine, knowledgeable (understatement of the century), engaging and funny.

This course is so amazing and has truly changed my life.