Nicole Mann

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

MNU is by far the best course I have ever done, nutrition or otherwise.

The content is far more engaging than any other course I’ve completed. Every lecture I was making notes in my head of how it will be helpful to my business and my clients.

The level of increased self-development I experienced throughout MNU has been a game-changer for me. The homework includes things you will actually use in practice, every homework infographic I created I used immediately in my business. It was all so helpful and built my confidence throughout the course.

I cannot wait to continue my career now as an MNU certified nutritionist, I’m writing this before my results as I know that if I’ve not fully passed, it’s for a good reason.

Previous courses I’ve completed are mainly multiple-choice and the mark scheme isn’t as great as MNU. When I pass I will be proud to have gained this qualification knowing the level of dedication required to get there.

The jokes in the lectures are amazing. Even though they’re not ‘live’ – I was laughing with you it keeps things light and reminds you of ‘real life’ and that you’ll actually be learning this lecture to use in your practice so stay engaged.

The confidence I’ve gained in myself and my own knowledge has been fantastic and I am now more confident on exactly how to research if I’m not 100% sure about something. I’ve struggled with confidence over the years practicing in nutritional coaching but that is no longer a worry of mine.

Thank you SO much to Martin and the whole team at MNU. You’ve made it such a personal experience and we’ve never even met in person!