Olga Onoshchenko

By jessbryant October 10, 2022

MNU is a must-have professional qualification for everyone who wants to work with people and should become a compulsory certification for all nutrition practitioners.

Whether you are a PT or BSc/MSc/PhD in Nutrition or a Dietitian or a GP, you will get a broader understanding of practical implications which is critical for anyone who wants to help people with health, performance, weight loss or gain etc.

MNU has given me a new perspective on some aspects of nutrition, filled in gaps in my theoretical knowledge and set a higher standard for my service provision.

MNU provides much more intellectual and evidence-based content compared to other courses and is well in line with my view of nutritional science and practice.

Having a PhD in a different discipline, I still can apply my research background and ability to see the bigger picture and draw conclusions about the nutrition field and … to sum up, I think the course is great! 🙂

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