Pavla Machova

By tobygraham October 6, 2021

I loved how detailed MNU was, there were so many applicable theories that I could use with clients straight away.

Module 4 was amazing, I really enjoyed it! I also loved learning about specific populations: PCOS, Pre & Post Natal and Athletes.

I’ve realised that not every client needs to track calories to be successful. It may sound like an obvious thing, but I have a background in bodybuilding so it was always the way I would do things. I am confident I can now coach clients in small steps rather than be “a macro coach”

MNU was amazing, I really enjoyed the whole course and I feel privileged that my qualification has been done through you. Keep MNU funny and entertaining as it is, it really takes the edge off from serious stuff and it made me feel like I know you all. Love everything about it!