Rachel Li

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

I’ve done 2 bachelor’s degrees and a master’s, and MNU has been by far the most enjoyable and practical course.

The level of support in the Student group was amazing, and the amount of detail the tutors would go into when answering questions was way more than what I’ve come across in universities.

The MNU tutors were much more approachable than 95% of my university tutors. Also, the bonding between students was also something I’ve never experienced in my university life, everyone was so supportive of one another!

My highlights have been getting a job as a result of doing MNU and the Body Composition Residential – It was very exciting to meet other people on the course and really feel part of a cohort.

My current manager found out I was studying MNU and quickly offered me a role in social media while I completed MNU. Once I graduate, I’ll join the team as a nutritionist.

If it wasn’t for MNU, I would probably still be unemployed 1 year after graduating from Uni!

I personally really enjoyed the course and found it a very rewarding experience. I particularly enjoyed the revision day lectures and found them really helpful when preparing for exams.