Rebecca Dent

By lucywilliams April 21, 2016

As a Registered Dietitian for 20 years with a specialist interest in ultra endurance sports nutrition and having been through and ticked the boxes of most of the usual recommendations to pursue a career in nutrition, I would highly recommend Mac-Nutrition Uni and Martin MacDonald to anyone who wants to undertake a nutrition qualification that will provide them with a solid foundation of nutrition knowledge and the ability to up skill as a practitioner.

The Mac-Nutrition Uni community is also a valuable resource and support network for all those wishing to learn, discuss and share client experiences.

Martin and his team stand out from the crowd with a thorough understanding of the true and up to date science of health, physiology and nutrition and from this they’re able to dispel any myth, fad diet or magic formula with hard hitting evidence.

They also challenge the traditional convention of a once size fits all ‘balanced diet’ and replace it with sound cutting edge and innovative evidence-based nutritional strategies and practices.