Rebecca Murphy

By tiabeard November 9, 2022

I’m so glad I chose to enrol on the Mac-Nutrition Uni course.

I’ve learned so much, not just about nutrition but also about my learning skills and style, research methods and challenging my own biases. I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way too!

As a career changer, the course has given me a comprehensive understanding of nutrition concepts and interventions, and the confidence to set up my own nutrition business.

The support provided is excellent, and far exceeds the support I received at university.

I also undertook the pre-requisite course ahead of applying to MNU, and it was brilliant, and excellent value for money.

If you can do the Full With Honours course I highly recommend it – the residentials really added a lot and were a great opportunity to get to know the team and fellow students.

Instagram: @What_Bex_Cooked