Ronan White

By tobygraham September 10, 2021

I am a Primary School Teacher but have also completed two other nutrition courses. Of all of the courses I have done, including my teaching degree, MNU was by far the best course in terms of content and practicability.

The content was very in depth but presented in a really useful and relatable way and I really feel equipped with the tools I need to work as a Nutritionist now which wasn’t the case before this course.

I really enjoyed the speciality lectures such as Diabetes, PCOS, Endurance athletes etc. I feel that giving these their own lectures and focus is a great idea as they are often brushed over in a slide or two which doesn’t give enough attention to them when they are as common as they are.

In the school I work in we do CPD presentations, I decided to do a nutrition presentation instead which went really well!

The MNU team has created an amazing course which I have been telling anyone who will listen about!

The MNU staff have created a really supportive network and community which I will definitely use to my advantage in the future! Thanks MNU!