Rosalyn Mutch

By chloeanderson June 2, 2021

MNU is the first online course I have done; the content was excellent and the detail of the course made it a great experience.

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition (mainly eating) and MNU has given me the confidence to use the knowledge I have learnt to start helping others.

I asked some local people to help me put my learning into practice, just with general weight loss methods, and I’ve had some amazing feedback. They are now free from years of fad diets and are so complimentary of the service I provided. This was all thanks to the MNU methods taught in Module 4.

I’ve also been approached by an MMA club at my gym to advise on nutrition and weight making. This is an absolute dream.

MNU has opened so many doors that I would never have considered being an option for me. MNU truly has been life-changing and now hopefully career-changing.