Roy Ryan Michael Akra

By tobygraham December 8, 2021

MNU is a top-class certification. It was a lot better than any other nutrition course that I’ve done in the past, not only with regards to the great content but also due to the unbelievable level of individual student support.

It has also been directly applicable to my career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I am now more confident in my nutritional knowledge and practice.

A highlight for me was learning how to be truly evidence-based and avoiding using personal biases and preferences with clients. I also enjoyed learning how to deal with a wide variety of clients and their different behaviours and conditions.

I was able to learn how to help my dad more with his Type 2 diabetes. I have given him some evidence-based recommendations that I learnt from the course that have helped him so far.

I also helped a PCOS client avoid a strict zero-carb diet that was recommended to her by her nutritionist, she was miserable about it and feared that eating any carbs would be detrimental to her, so that was great!

Overall MNU is a fantastic course. I am very pleased with the course content, and the way that Martin, Sarah & Billy delivered the course.