Ruby Siu

By tobygraham August 22, 2022

Compared to college, MNU provided a solid student support group from the faculty themselves.

There were loads of students from around the world, so it could have been difficult to engage, luckily the student group made contact quite simple.

The greatest aspect of MNU is how considerate the team is with people’s lives and providing their students as much convenience as possible while sustaining high learning quality.

The course material was created in a way for people of different backgrounds to understand. I appreciate how comprehensible the lectures were even if I didn’t have any prior experience.

The MNU staff are passionate about what they do and helping others, so it provided lots of integrity to believe what they say and feel encouraged. I actually went through a binge eating “phase” (I cannot label it as a disorder since I have not been properly diagnosed by a professional, so it is just a self-diagnosis) just last year.

When MNU covered Eating Disorders, it made me realize what the symptoms were and how relevant it was to me. Now that I have a better understanding of nutrition, it has helped me improve my eating habits. Thank you MNU!