Samantha Travis

By jozefsharp April 9, 2024

I have to say the whole learning experience on the Mac-Nutrition Uni course was exceptional. I’ve done lots of coaching qualifications such as a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, CrossFit coaching, Level 3 Personal Training, & Olympic Weightlifting coaching. Whilst I gained some valuable knowledge from these courses, I had been reluctant to enrol on anything new as I just wasn’t sure that the value would be there. I started to look at doing a degree in something nutrition related but a friend of mine had previously been through the MNU course, after her degree, and steered me away from this & towards the MNU course. I am SO glad she did.

The learning platform was easy to use. The course structure is exceptionally well-designed, providing a comprehensive & logical progression through various nutritional concepts & modules.

The quality of the lectures is top-notch, offering in-depth insights delivered by clearly experienced & knowledgeable professionals, making complex topics easily understandable with some good humour thrown in too. The lectures were all really well delivered regardless of the speaker & it was nice to put a face to some of the names you saw pop up in the Student Group.

There were some lectures that I really didn’t expect to take as much away from but they ended up being some of my favourites ones. The lecture that covered consultations started a spark within me that led to me moving away from an online focused approach & getting a high street face-to-face clinic before I’d even finished the course.

I loved how a lot of the homework helped you to consolidate your learning, think critically, or prompted you to create or use resources that could be used with future clients.

From what I saw in the Student Group the level of support that the learners extended throughout the course was awesome. The team were not only knowledgeable but also highly responsive, offering clarification & guidance whenever needed & never patronising.

Most significantly, the course excels in bridging between theory & practice. The emphasis on case studies, practical applications, & real client scenarios was invaluable. It offered a hands-on approach, equipping me with the confidence & skills to navigate & address diverse client needs effectively in the real world.

As someone who has created & runs a couple of businesses I am in awe of what the team have created. I can’t even imagine the energy & time that they have invested over the years to create what the course is today. Well done doesn’t even cut it!

Instagram: @Nutritionist_Sam_X