Sammy Cooper

By tobygraham September 13, 2021

I felt incredibly supported by both MNU staff and peers, it’s a learning environment like no other. It has genuinely changed my life and I am now in a career I never thought would be possible, with a level of confidence I never expected I could achieve.

I only wish I’d done MNU sooner and saved myself £40k of debt getting a degree!

I really enjoyed learning how to be a good practitioner. I also loved the LIVE lectures, they really made you feel part of something.

I can’t quite believe how different my career and life are now from what it was when I started the course. MNU has changed the way I think and feel, and I am so proud to be in the position I am in now.

I have started working with youth athletes in a high-performance program, with a few competing for GB. Most recently one athlete attended his first British Championship and made the final!

I can’t thank you enough for providing such an incredible, engaging, thought-provoking and genuinely life-changing course. MNU has been a highlight of my life. 

I’ve had some brilliant client successes by putting my knowledge into practice and I’m really proud and honoured to be in a position to help people; this is only the beginning. Thank you Martin and the MNU team, you guys are the best!