Sarah Herrmann

By sophielester July 27, 2022

MNU exceeded my expectations and has been worth every single penny, and more!

Student support was exceptional, especially during COVID where financial struggles were treated with care and empathy.

The course content is amazing, extremely thorough, no-nonsense, no fillers, every topic, and lecture have a purpose in cementing your learning and progression. I especially like the LEARN platform where you can see your progress, all of the modules are set out clearly and keeping track of everything is much easier.

I feel more confident to give advice in the future and provide resources for people who have felt as lost and confused as I have in the past regarding nutrition.

The Mentoring Lab is gold and such a valuable resource to practitioners in the field.

Module 3 (Principles of Nutrition Support & Advanced Nutrition Theory) was a particular highlight. It was where I started to understand how to think critically, unlearn what I thought I knew to be true and upgrade my knowledge.

There are honestly too many highlights to list. MNU helped me to identify and heal my relationship with food, which was a big one.