Sarah Setia

By tiabeard November 1, 2022

MNU is a beautifully curated and thoughtfully designed course, everything about it is amazing.

I have done various courses in nutrition and nothing comes close to the kind of practical insights shared at MNU.

I totally relate to the core values; Wisdom, Confidence and Integrity.

The LEARN platform is very user-friendly and The Mentoring Lab resources & expert lectures are a gold mine.

The course is so well put together that even the homework and further reading/watching recommendations were top-notch. The exams are very nicely designed and helped me to further cement my knowledge.

I started my business almost at the same time I had enrolled on the MNU course and everything I have learnt here has helped me ramp up my business both in terms of success with clients and monetary aspects.

The tutors are very qualified, supportive, professional and understanding. The support I received throughout was phenomenal.

MNU is the best Nutrition course in the world as it improves your critical thinking and practical application, as well as business and soft skills.

Module 4 is what really set the course content apart for me. It was a game changer for my business. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a top-class experience.