Sebastian Cescon

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

I rarely write any reviews, but a felt to urge for doing it since I strongly believe in this course and the values it provides. Here is my quick background. I work already 8 years in the health and nutrition industry with a proper, formal education. Currently I am working as a nutritionist in my own office and in addition in the biggest, high end gym here in Tokyo.

My initial idea was to refresh my knowledge a little and get updated information and a new outlook and perspective on several topics. I decided to do Martin’s course and never regretted it any single second. The Mentoring Lab alone was worth the money. Almost all the lessons provided valuable and more important applicable information. Even the small mentoring clips gave me a huge amount of new ideas.

The course itself was great for refreshment on basic topics in the beginning, but accelerated at the later stages with tons of interesting and new information, great homework and a level of professionalism I am normally only used from big companies. Even if you have already got some University education in the field, once you are passed the basics, things will get extremely interesting. For beginners, it offers an amazing foundation. Many more things changed over the last year, many of those I can directly or indirectly connect to the Mac-Nutrition Uni course. This shouldn’t be boasting, but rather show you what a year can do with a little bit of guidance, new ideas and information.

  • Writing and getting published in different printed magazines and a big, national newspaper
  • Getting my website done and improved the design and accessibility and SEO of it
  • Increasing my clients by over 70% and being one of the most booked nutritionists here in Tokyo
  • More confidence with certain difficult clients and cases and helping and changing lives of multiple customers throughout the year
  • Holding several corporate client talks for big, international corporations
  • Generally providing a way better service and resource for my clients

For anyone contemplating about doing the course, it will give you so much more than you expect and might even change your current situation and life. As the team would say, under-promise and over-deliver.