Shardel O’Toole

By sophielester July 13, 2021

MNU can change your life and career – I felt confident enough to help my clients, friends, and family – even before the course finished!

MNU has helped me prepare for the ‘real world’. Most courses just have content but this course is the full package. From the content, support, students helping students, and how to put your services into place with ideas of pricing and what we have to offer.

This course can prepare anyone for a new career and fill them with the courage to go and help whoever they want to with confidence.

The students all seem to be like-minded and become a family who just want to help each other. I have loved seeing other MNU students come to the end of their journey too. Watching them finish their exams makes me feel proud!

After putting out some online content, I was asked to do a zoom call for all things health and fitness in the local area.

I was so proud to be chosen because there are hundreds of personal trainers around.