Sharlenee Bailey

By jozefsharp April 9, 2024

Mac-Nutrition Uni is by far the most first class evidence-based nutrition course in existence.

The extensive research applied to each teaching unit allowed for knowledge to be expanded beyond the lectures & made learning comprehensive. Furthermore, consistent student support from the Student Support group meant you could connect with others & their ideas & get support from tutors in real time. This built my confidence to complete an online course.

The course was not only evidence-based theoretically but ensured that it could be translated into practice.

The depth of knowledge provided & the team’s passion for integrity has inspired me to be a lifelong learner.

The course & the exams were brilliantly written.

I have completed an undergraduate degree & a Masters degree & can say that The Mac-Nutrition Collective have set a new bar for education.

This course has not only informed my practice, but has given me a drive to always strive to be the best in every area I apply myself.

I can only wish to one day be as knowledgable & passionate about nutritional science as the Mac-Nutrition team.

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