Stacey Gerace

By tobygraham September 10, 2021

Mac-Nutrition Uni has surpassed other courses I have completed in the past by a mile. The level of student support was amazing, the course content was high quality and it was put in terms that were easy to understand, the delivery was even better than my University course.

The course was extremely well planned and scheduled. The support was always there and I was aware I could ask for an extension if required.

I loved every second of the course and it really made me feel so special to be part of the MNU family.

My personal highlight was completing the course, it has been a major highlight of my life, I feel I have grown so much as a person mentally.

This course has allowed me to feel more confident in myself to deliver knowledge that is evidence-based and has also shown me ways to deliver and educate clients without second-guessing myself. I am very excited to begin my career in the field of nutrition under the MNU banner.

I will be passing all of this onto my children as well, I am so proud to be able to empower them.

A MAJOR highlight for me was the friendships that I have been able to form. Even though this is all online, I have found the most amazing like-minded friends across the globe and we all have MNU and the MNU ethos and values to thank for that. The cohort I was part of was nothing but friendly, supportive and encouraging, this is a reflection of Martin and all of the MNU team.

I feel part of the BIG family that is MNU and the knowledge I have gained has really changed and impacted my life on so many levels. I have been able to complete a 12-month course online with a brand new baby, 2 other children, a business, a hubby and a house to run!

MNU has shown me that I can achieve anything as long as I am committed!