Steven Whittaker

By adozeneggs July 3, 2018

The level of support on MNU has been amazing! That coupled with the learning environment and other students really makes you feel part of a family and something special.

Regarding application to my career, I can’t recommend the course enough. I took so much away from the residentials; from speaking with the MNU staff to fellow students who have both been a massive support to me and my business in the first year of starting out, knowingly or unknowingly.

I have had much more success with personal training clients by picking some low hanging fruit throughout sessions; the biggest take home would be that I can help people understand energy balance and give them the tools to enjoy losing weight. I’ve had people lose 2 stone, get lean for weddings and holidays and overall just feel awesome. So thanks to MNU, I’m now known as ‘The Nutrition Guy’ in the gym!