Valeria Gissi

By katiemayoh July 15, 2021

MNU was a real eye-opener on how much misinformation and bad practice there is out there, with a lot of people giving wrong nutritional advice without having proper knowledge. I could see how much effort went into the course and the commitment the team have to spread evidence-based information.

I really enjoyed Module 5 with the guest lecturers and their insights from working with patients or clients for the NHS or private practices. I found it extremely interesting to see the application of nutrition in real-life scenarios.

It has been an amazing year and I’ve gained so much knowledge during this journey with MNU. I have to say, I leave MNU wiser and more confident to speak up for science.

I really appreciated the speed at which questions were answered for each of the lectures, and the human touch the MNU tutors give to each question or request.

I have done other courses online and, due to the number of students they accept per intake, sometimes the wait for an answer could take days, but with MNU it was literally a matter of minutes!