Martin MacDonald,

MSc PgCert PgDip

Course Leader

CEO of

Martin is a clinical performance nutritionist, motivational speaker, educator and CEO of The Mac-Nutrition Collective, a syndicate of companies dedicated to the furthering and promotion of evidence-based nutrition.

Having previously been a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, holding a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and postgraduates in Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. His online persona has become synonymous with unwavering endeavours to promote integrity and bring evidence-based practice to the forefront of the industry.

Originally, Martin founded Mac-Nutrition, the UK’s leading consultancy for nutrition advice, providing innovative and expert advice on optimal health, clinical issues, weight loss, sports performance, and workplace wellness.
Through years of Mentoring other professionals face to face,
The Mac-Nutrition Mentoring Lab, an online professional mentoring platform, was created – designed to support the business, knowledge and practice of health and fitness professionals. Saving them time and making them more money, doing the job they love.
Finally, the creation of Mac-Nutrition Uni, the worlds best nutrition course, is why you are on this page.