What’s the difference between MNU & MN School of Nutrition?

Aside from the content, the structure and the level of support, the main difference between MNU and MN School of Nutrition (MNSON) is that you can become a fully qualified and insurable* Certified Nutritionist & gain the Level 5 Diploma status, something that you can't get with MNSON.

That's because MNSON is very much a knowledge acquisition course, which has been designed to provide practical nutrition education to the layperson to help them on their personal nutrition journey. Therefore, if you're interested in learning more about nutrition for personal reasons (but do not want to pursue it as a career), then we would recommend looking into MNSON. You can read more about MNSON here: What is MN School of Nutrition?

MNU on the other hand, is a professional qualification designed to teach you everything you need to know to get amazing results with a wide variety of clients!

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As well as teaching you advanced nutrition concepts, there are dedicated modules within MNU that specifically focus on improving your skills as a practitioner; from behaviour change theory and the consultation process to service design and choosing the most appropriate dietary strategy for the individual client in front of you. You can find a full list of the modules and lectures covered in MNU on the content overview page but if you’re looking to work as a nutritionist and or start/develop a career in nutrition, MNU is the course to do!

*Dependent on your country of residence

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