Would MN School of Nutrition be the best course option for me?

If you want to develop your nutrition knowledge for yourself or for your family, then MN School of Nutrition (MNSON) will be perfect for you! The course will cover a wide range of topics that will teach you the fundamentals of nutrition from a very practical perspective. You will also have the option to study additional bolt-on courses in areas that you are specifically interested in e.g. weight loss or muscle gain.

MNSON will be the best possible start to your nutrition education journey. It will expose you to correct, evidence-based information (whereas many of the accepted pre-requisites don't)!

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If you’re interested in MNSON, you can sign up to the MNSON mailing list to be notified as soon as we have an update on this course.

It’s important to note that upon completion of MNSON you won’t be qualified to practice as a nutritionist as it’s simply a knowledge acquisition course, rather than a qualification.

If you would like to become a fully qualified and insurable* nutritionist, you would need to complete MNU.

You can read more about MNU here: Can I get an overview of MNU?

*Dependent on your country of residence

**If you are looking to study MNU on our next intake & don’t currently hold a relevant pre-requisite, please contact us below and we can discuss your options!

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