Will I be able to use MNU to support a University application?

We are pleased to say that some of our graduates have successfully used their qualification from MNU to strengthen their application for nutrition-related degrees and post-graduate degrees.

This includes students who have completed non-nutrition undergraduate degrees, who have then been accepted onto Masters programmes in Nutrition, by simply providing evidence of their MNU course materials and transcripts.

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We would always recommend checking the individual course entry requirements and contacting course leaders for more information if you’re hoping to use MNU as a pre-requisite for further education.

Please note: Even though MNU is equivalent to the same level as a foundation degree, the course is a Diploma not specifically a foundation degree so it’s not a direct top-up route. We can also only speak about the successful experiences our graduates have had to date regarding University applications. There is no guarantee that MNU will meet entry criteria for University programmes and MNU is not responsible, nor liable, for any future applications or entry into further education.

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