Will I be able to practise as a nutritionist at the end of the course?

Upon completion of the course and exams, you will be able to use the title MNU Certified Nutritionist & be eligible to apply for our bespoke insurance policy.

This will allow you to work as a nutritionist in-person and online with clients globally. To find out more about our bespoke insurance policy, you can read: Can I have an overview of the insurance policy?

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In many countries, lack of regulation means anyone can practise freely as a nutritionist. This is where being part of MNU and using the title MNU Certified Nutritionist will set you apart; as a collective trademark, only our graduates can use the title.

In some countries such as South Africa & some states e.g. Quebec (CAN) & Texas (USA), nutritionist is protected, which may limit your use of the title. Instead, you may wish to refer to yourself as an MNU Certified Nutrition Coach or Consultant, which are often used interchangeably with nutritionist.

As national regulations frequently change, we recommend checking if the title is protected in your country, this is typically available on your Government website or easily found with a quick Google search.

For example, if you reside in the USA, please check out the State Regulation of Nutrition Practice.

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